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Shutting Down the forums? Questions, opinions, LETS TALK! 
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I hate to say it Jay but I think this is the first time I will have to take a strange eye to the way you perceive this situation and the "dreamer" like suggestions you are making to fix it. Even within your own write up just then and there you mention that it is incredibly demoralizing or just "empty" feeling when you produce content but no one is watching....what is the difference from literally everything else that has happened with this site? When a forum like with 30,000 members goes from having 1000-5000 people a day looking at the having only 100 this is telling you something about the modern automotive enthusiast and the way they consumer their information. Take a sample of a significantly smaller scale and now you have an even larger problem of scarcity of viewers in relation.

You could put out the most creative content on the internet, but if no one is interested enough to look or take their face away from Facebook for even 5's not worth your time or my time or anyone else's time on this planet that you are limited to having so very little of. Like you said Jay you have been busy as of late, I think everyone past the age of 25 could say that. As I get older I realize the priorities in life often have to be realistic and unfortunately trying to "rev up" (no pun intended) a bunch of 18 year olds who can't tell their head from their ass when it comes to a car but can't be bothered to even make a simple google search to begin fixing their problems, or learn absolutely anything for themselves even when people spoon feed the information I just don't see the point.

Trust me I remember the golden age of the "forum" but I also remember when 90's rap was amazing, and rock and roll had a meaning and a purpose....those days are over, and sometimes you need to just let the relics be relics. With every un-paid photo bucket account that gets shut down out there, there are hundreds if not thousands of helpful images being removed from the internet entirely.

Brace yourself people, the forum is dead and not just this forum THE quintessential "forum".

*Drop the mic*

lol, in all serious I'm not trying to be an ass but sometimes these fantasy land ideals that if you "work hard" and produce "meaningful content" (That in and of itself is a full time job to withstand any sort of high quality, and consistency)
As much as I would absolutely love to pretend this was a Field of Dreams type of situation and if we "Built it they would come".....I just don't see that being the case anytime soon, or sadly maybe ever again.

I will be making at least a splash page type website that can be diverted to this forum so the forum will not go down but I don't thunk it is the most useful "Front page" representation of LSS as a whole anymore.

Peace and Love, hope all is well my dude....wish you were here, maybe that would make the difference in bringing this thing back alive a bit. Hopefully see you soon.

jt_rebel wrote:
Chiming in...

I would say that Facebook is not the "be all, end all", and I know a lot of people that are turned off by it. However, it should be used, in tandem with either a full site or this forum (preferably the latter).

Regarding the latter, a site or a forum needs life, needs breath, meaning... it needs content. People are stoked to see new posts and follow where they go. I have tried to do that with my "Adventures in Japanland" blog, but I feared that not many people were reading it, as I had little stats on that. However, I'm all for keeping it going. (Just been overly busy over here.)

Real creative content that is conceived or gathered by a steering committee. It needs an editor, moderator, creative content producer, etc... something like that.

Whether it's a forum or a site, they require work. Someone needs to champion it, and to believe in it. It's hard to believe in it if they feel that no one is watching.

Also, the "Limestone" in the name is a small place, which means lower readership. If it were to grow, it might need to cover a larger scope. (Eastern Ontario?) (But perhaps not, if it is steered in the right direction)

And again, I don't think Facebook is the answer. A site or forum gives a real face. Look at Speedhunters or something. Great site, Facebook always updated with the site's content, so it pulls people in.

This is a challenge that many have faced, but there is a way. It just takes dedication, organization, and a commitment to content, along with regular facelifts and such. (If it looks "alive", people might continue stopping by.)

Finally, forums have saved my ass on a few occasions... the knowledge on them is way more valuable than anything that Facebook can provide. I say definitely keep it, but there needs to be a steering committee that is dedicated to seeing it live. If it is championed and steered forward, it will thrive.

My three cents...

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Sat Aug 08, 2015 1:08 am
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Where is the like button?

Tue Aug 11, 2015 9:35 am
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make an LSS sub reddit...

or to spice things up I can start pissing people off again, but Im getting close to 40 and it takes more effort.


Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:38 am
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